Dorico update

Was wondering when the next feature update for Dorico 5 would be available, I vaguely recall Daniel mentioning in one of his posts a few months back that the next update would be later in the year, so possibly it should be in the next couple of weeks I hope ! Dorico team do bring out truly useful features in their updates that I always find it very exciting to look forward to their feature updates.

While we can try to guess when Dorico 5.1 will arrive, the only “promise” (if all goes according to plan) has been “by the end of the year.”

The Chinese new year is Feb 10, 2024.


And the Aliens new year is when our sun dies.
Certainly we’re talking about the Gregorian calendar, the most common one. The team isn’t Chinese either.


Come on, people! “End of December” is the most probable moment for 5.1 coming your way.

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I’ll be anxiously patient for this…

Daniel said “Later this year”

It will be sometime between the release of Finale 27.4 and Encore 6. :wink:


Between december 2023 and eternity then…

Have faith😉