Dorico upgrade question

Hi there,
I wonder if anyone can tell me if there is an upgrade option from Dorico Elements (normal/personal license) to Dorico Pro Educational license as I am now eligible to apply.

Thanks for your help.

Yes, Barry, there is indeed. This is the upgrade you need.

Hmm - your link points to edu Elements → edu Pro upgrade; he’s asking about ‘upgrading’ from normal to edu edition…?

That upgrade will work for either the educational or non-educational version of Dorico Elements. There is an eligibility check on the upgrade as well, so you will have to prove your educational eligibility before you complete the purchase.

Got ya - ok thanks; all good.

I have Dorico Elements. I am considering a music/score related Continuing Education course here (Oxford Uni, non full-time) for the Autumn. I’ll re-look into the whole topic then.

Awesome, thanks Daniel.