Dorico video tutorials

Congratulations on Dorico Element and Dorico Pro 2. Its amazing how these new Notation programs have emerged to their present state in such a short time.

I have viewed many Dorico tutorial videos and can say, as a former videographer, they far surpass any tutorials I have seen to date anywhere, past or present. i am interested in cataloging all of them for present and future reference; therefore, is there any PUBLISHED LIST or INDEX that can be downloaded so that finding a video on a certain feature of Dorico can be accessed without too much time spent searching titles?


An index of some sort would be really useful, especially since YouTube does not seem to list them in a logical order where finding a video by date or topic is easy.


You can find text transcriptions of the videos here, if that helps:

Agreed, an index would be great.

OK, yes, an index. That’s a good idea. I will see about putting one together.

Ant will be starting work on a series of more in-depth tutorial videos covering the new functionality in Dorico 2 from next week, so you have many more excellent videos to look forward to.

If you go to the Dorico Youtube channel and look under Playlists, you will find all Videos well organized:

Thank you, HeiPet. That is a very helpful feature I was not aware of.