Dorico + Vienna Ensamble Pro - Audio Buffer Size bug

Dorico 3.5.12, VEP 7, MacOS Catalina.
When choosing audio buffer size, in Dorico settings, below 384 samples,
VEP 7 displays a buffer size, not corresponding to Dorico,
for example: Dorico 256 → VEP 512. Or Dorico 192 → VEP 576.
This reflects in the latency while playing.
Using same plugin with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Sibelius - everything works correctly.
Please find attached supporting screenshots.

p.s.: “Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.” gimme a break.

Hi Alex, this is a known issue and due to the fact that ASIO Guard is permanently switched on in Dorico’s audio engine. We will make that switchable in the future.