Dorico web helper app blocked

Got a Windows Security Alert that Windows Defender Firewall blocked features of the Dorico web helper (C:\program files\steinberg\dorico3.5\dorico web helper.exe).
Should I let the app be blocked or should I allow the app? what are consequences either way?
Would appreciate advice.
Thx. Maarten

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The Dorico Web Helper application is used to show the interactive view of your key commands when you choose Help > Key Commands. It doesn’t need to make any connections outside your local network, so it should be fine to block it in your firewall if you want.

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Thx so much Daniel. I happily let this helper be blocked.

Maarten Siebel
Hölderlin 6
14050 Berlin

When starting up Dorico 3.5 or Wavelab 10, I receive, sometimes twice, the message: Soft-eLicenser doesn’t have enough permissions to run properly. Please run LCC to fix the problem.
So far I have simply clicked the message away without noticing consequences. However, there must be a reason for this message.
I would appreciate your advice regarding what steps to go. Also, what is LCC?
Thx. so much,
Maarten Siebel

LCC is eLicenser Control Center. Try running that and letting it complete its default maintenance tasks. Hopefully that will resolve the issue.

Thanks Daniel. Happy to do so. But where do I find the LCC? It appears not on my Tongle.

It’s an application on your computer. Try typing “eLicenser” into the search box in your Start menu and you should quickly find it.

Issue solved Daniel. Thx. so much.