Dorico will not clear the plug-in so it can be rescanned

I just updated my Mac operating system to Catalina and I’m now having a problem with a plug-in. I am trying to clear the plug-in from the Dorico 4 audio engine so that I can re-scan it again. I am unable to clear it. Somehow the plug-in is not loading correctly. Any suggestions?



In the Dorico Preferences dialog on the Play tab is somewhere a button to clear the audio engine cache. Click that and restart Dorico.
If still a problem, please do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

I tried to clear the plug-in but it would not clear the button did not work. Here is the file you requested. I hope we can figure this out. Thank you so much!

Dorico (1.9 MB)

Thank you. Above is the file you requested.

Dorico (1.9 MB)

I reinstalled the plug-in and it seems to be working now. However I have another problem. I download the trial version of Iconica sections and players. I imported the Iconica template into Dorico successfully, however when I tried to launch my file using that template, I received a message saying that “more preload memory requested than the maximum of 1200 MB. Some samples are not pre-loaded into memory, and, therefore, cannot be played! Increase the preload limit or reduce the preload time to load the samples.

My question to you ULF is… how do I do that? I am absolutely stumped. I wanted to try it before I purchased it and the sale ends tomorrow. I can’t try it because it won’t work.

Thank you in advance,

Iconica Sections and Players is, in my opinion, too heavyweight for use with Dorico at the moment unless you have an extraordinarily capable computer with 64GB or more of RAM and a very fast SSD/NVMe drive. Even at its current discounted price I would struggle to recommend it to Dorico users right now. Perhaps in the future that will change, but if you are looking for improved orchestral sounds, I would look elsewhere.

Is the same apply to Iconica ensembles?

Iconica Ensembles is less heavyweight than Iconica Sections and Players, but probably overall less useful in Dorico because you would typically write for individual instruments rather than using presets of orchestral sections. I haven’t used Iconica Ensembles myself so I can’t give an informed opinion, I’m sorry to say.

I really appreciate your response. I suppose I can hold off until the summer sale if I get a upgraded computer. I have “noteperformer” now, but I wanted to take the Orchestra sounds to the next level. I don’t know if you are allowed to make a recommendation of what you feel would be the next level of orchestra sounds that I should purchase for Dorico that work best in Dorico? Can you make a recommendation?

I’m not an expert, I’m afraid! I would suggest going for something for which there’s already a good playback template for Dorico, so you might want to consider BBC SO, VSL Synchron-ized Edition, or similar.

Thank you!

Hi @rrgilley, and if you still would want to try it out right now, in the HALion editor window go to the Options tab. There you can adjust the preload memory.

I will try to do that with the Electric Bass plug-in because I am having the same problem.