DORICO with ABLETON LIVE 11 using SYNAPSE VSTs (Dune 3 / The Legend) - INFO

When exporting DORICO as a MIDI file in Ableton Live 11 and then using SYNAPSE VSTs such as Dune 3 and The Legend, VST presets will not be saved. Synapse had no clue on how to solve this when contacted - nor they seemed to care when I offered the solution. It was really frustrating not being able to use those 2 great VSTs.

After some thinking it was easy to solve: copy the piano roll notes (‘select all’) from each original midi file you just imported into a new midi track (insert midi track - as many tracks as needed if you had created several instruments in Dorico) then - of course - paste. Then bring in your VST. The preset(s) will be remembered and not default each time to the very first preset of the bank you are using.

I recognize this is really a specific issue but who knows if someone, one day will not come across this issue.

As to the why this is happening with only SYNAPSE VSTs I cannot say. It seems that the VSTs from Synapse get “somehow” a specific midi information which causes that. I’m just a humble composer not an engineer. I simply wanted to share my experience. and concerning Dorico itself as a notation software I am finding it to be the best ever and could never go back to the other ones.

Lys K MuSiC

Welcome to the forum, LyS K. I’m not quite sure what is happening here: do you mean that after having exported a MIDI file from Dorico and imported it into Live 11, you’re unable to assign Dune 3 or The Legend to those tracks in your Live project?