Dorico Won't Export Players but WILL export flows (bug?)


I am in version of Dorico (Feb 2020) on Windows. I’ve never had any issues with exporting audio. This is a file that was imported from MusicXML. The strange thing is audio export works just fine for the entire flow. But I’m trying to export the audio for Bass Trombone, and nothing happens. No exporting progress window pops up, no files or folders are created in the destination folder. Nothing.

I’ve tried restarting Dorico, everything. The only thing I don’t have is access to another machine to open this file on.

I’m wondering if someone with a similar version of Dorico can confirm my problem. I’ve tried both .mp3 and .wav (as I read one of them can be affected by license issues elsewhere on the form) The result is the same for both. Both will export the entire piece, but not individual instruments.

Attached is my project and a screenshot of the export settings.

Beautiful Savior SHARE.dorico (3.0 MB)

Oh, and, yes – I have reapplied the playback template HSSE+HSO (Pro). Everything plays fine for me. And exports fine as an entire flow, as well. Just not individual parts.

I have been doing a lot of this exporting of audio “stems” to add into Cubase, and have only had something similar to your situations in one case. I found that using the EmVoice vocal synth printed its output onto every other track if I tried to export all the tracks together, so I have to export all the instrumental tracks (successfully) and then export each EmVoice track individually, muting all other EmVoice tracks in the Dorico Mixer before export.

I note first off that your file was from Dorico 3.1; I opened it in Dorico Pro 5 and had no problem exporting just the Bass Trombone.

You may want to generate a diagnostic report from the Help menu and post it here to help those wiser than I see if they can see anything helpful.