Dorico wont redirect to Support user forums

My Dorico wont redirect to Support User Forums due to certificate not recognised - My MS software is current on a relatively new system - what should I do?

Do you mean that the menu item in Help > Support > Steinberg Service and Support doesn’t work, or something else?

It appears you’ve somehow managed to find your way here, so hopefully it’s not a critical problem for you!


Thanks Daniel

From Dorico

It was > Help

  • Support
  • Dorico Forum

It now works this morning ! obviously something in background ! something to do with security certificate not recognised (can’t give you the precise screen message because In haven’t got it) which now appears fine

I found you Forums.Steinberg only by accident (can’t remember how – old email?) / search ? and logged in using my log in which obviously worked

Any way thanks and well done on your achievements

With kind regards