Dorico won't start on first try, but always on second

Most times, when I launch Dorico, it will fail to start. There is no splash screen, nothing. When I open the windows task manager, there is a Dorico process running. If I kill this process and relaunch Dorico it then starts normally.

I have a hunch this problem is somehow related to my Focusrite audio interface. I have another computer that is nearly identical (without the Focusrite) that doesn’t have this issue.

Is there someplace I should look for crash logs or other diagnostics?


Weirdly, that’s kind of the opposite of usual: if you kill Dorico (without killing the VST Audio Engine), then when it restarts it just hangs, because it’s confused by the pre-existing Audio Engine. Killing them both fixes it.

Hi Neil,
please do in Dorico ‘Help > Create Diagnostics File’. That gathers crash dumps, logs and other files into a zip file; please post that here. Thanks

Okay. Next time it happens, I’ll post it to this thread.

You can do already now. Dorico keeps logs of the last 10 runs and crash dumps from the last week. So for us it’s already worth looking at that data.

Dorico (1.8 MB)

Thanks for the data, Neil. Interestingly, there are no crash files contained, so Dorico gets stuck somewhere during launch. The next time it happens, please do the following:

  1. (Prerequisite) install Process Explorer [Process Explorer - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs]
  2. When Dorico is stuck, find the Dorico process in Process Explorer, highligh it.
  3. Do a right click and choose Create Mini Dump.
    The mini dump is enough. A full dump would generate too much information. Please post the generated dump file here. Thanks

Dorico3.dmp (3.4 MB)

At first sight it appears as if Dorico is hanging in the initialization of the eLicenser.
Do you have your license on a Soft- or USB-eLicenser?

It’s on that USB dongle thing.

What type of dongle is it? (see attachment)
And have you tried on a different USB-port, does that maybe get better?DongleTypen

Small one on the right

Hm, then it is already the newest type, that should work.
And what if you try on a different USB-port?

Right now it’s on a USB hub. I’ll move it directly to one of the ports on the motherboard and see if that helps.

Make sure you’re using the latest version of Dorico (version 3.5.12), and perhaps counter-intuitively, on some Windows machines you might find that the previous version of eLicenser Control Center works more reliably than the latest one. You could try the version that you will find under Alternative versions for support purposes on this page to see if it helps.

It seems to be working better with the e-licenser directly on a motherboard slot, but I won’t know for sure until I’ve been working for a while. I’ll report back either way.

I’m not sure if this is relevant, but I’ve also noticed that if I plug the e-licenser into my USB hub after I plug in my iLock, it almost always kicks the iLock offline. If I plug it in before the iLock then the iLock stays online.

The hub is a Unitek (picture attached).

If that happens I would get a better USB-hub. eLicenser and iLok shall happily live next to each other.