Dorico working with extracting MIDI

Hi All,

I’m brand new in Dorico and I have an essential question in order to continue working with it. I have just got the trial version for Dorico Pro 2.
So far, I have been a Sibelius user, but since I’m a Cubase user and truly respect and like Steinberg I decided to pay attention to Dorico. I’m quite fluent with Sibelius and I usually work with big scores for huge symphonic ensembles.
The latest work flow I have built for myself is going through creating a demo version of my scores in Cubase where with pretty advanced VST I can create a very realistic audio outcome. Then I usually export a MIDI file and working with the desired score in Sibelius I copy and paste most of the parts from the MIDI extract, also opened in Sibelius. When I do that, there is one amazing option in Sibelius which is called “Renotate Performance”. It simply converts a super messy MIDI part which has quite random way of notation of pitches (accidentals) and note durations into a very tidy and good looking notated part, almost print-ready. Then of course I usually have to do few edits to the part, add articulations and dynamics, but overall quite a fast way to have a ready notation from something already created in a DAW. I’m sure most of the users switching from Sibelius know what I’m talking about. I think this option is there after Sibelius 7.0, I might be mistaken, it is called “Renotate Performance”.
My concern is that I can’t find anything like this in Dorico Pro 2, which would really affect my work flow and make me write things from scratch.
Kindly anyone who knows how to do something similar in Dorico, let me know, this is one of the essential things which will make me switch to Dorico and actually buy it, as of course I have found many other convenient functions already and the program is overall very powerful.

Your truly
Stoyan Stoyanov Storn

Try exporting xml files from the cubase music editor (after making sure some quatizing has been performed) and you should get beautiful results in Dorico

Thanks Marc, I will be trying this. Yeah in Sibelius you don’t have to spend too much time to pre-quantize in order to get a good result. I hope this is something that the guys from Steinberg will implement and work on for future.