Dorico writing same Lyrics for SATB

Dorico Choir Lyrics
If I have the same lyrics for SATB, is there a feature, so
I have to write it only once?

I do not think it is possible. However, if you have the same rhythmic patterns, you can copy the lyrics from, say, the soprano line, and paste it on the first note of the alto line. Yet, I believe it does not work well if the rhythms are not identical.
[Edit] I just tried to create a choir score from scratch. I see that there are SATB ensembles ready for us, as well as a SATB choir reduction (in singers). What (I think) would be logical would be to use that reduction to insert it in a score, while the SATB ensemble could be used to print the different parts. So copy paste would be a logical workflow. But when I copy the soprano part in the reduction staff, in upper voice 1, and the alto part in lower voice 1, the lyrics of both voices are overlapping, and not perfectly, while the rhythmic patterns are exactly the same… I guess this is something our beloved dev team will optimize in due course ?

I think copy and paste should work pretty well, unless the rhythmic structures differ a lot.
Copying the lyrics will put them at the same rhythmic positions, regardless wether there are notes or not. You can shift individual syllables by the current value of the rhythmic grid with Alt+left/right arrow if you need to make small corrections.
Edit: And just in case you’re not aware of it – Edit > Filters > Lyrics can save you much time here. :wink: