Dorico xml import behavior question

I do not know if this has been answered before, but it looks as if the number information in the below xml measure remains unconsidered when using xml import. I.e. measure with number 15 does not have note content and Dorico places subsequent notes in the xml in measure 15.

<measure number="15" width="288">
            <barline location="left">

It seems as if Dorico processes consecutive note material per part i.s.o per measure. This may be considered correct, (as in gigo), but it feels somewhat unfortunate to ignore the measure number: Problems in a measure are propagated throughout the score and when errors add up the result becomes uncomprehensible.

I hope there is some kind of preference for this?

Welcome to the forum, mwn. Can you provide a bit more context? Are you saying that different parts in your MusicXML file declare different measure numbers, or don’t encode some measures at all? There are no preferences to control Dorico’s behaviour in this regard. It is anticipated that each part will contain the same number of bars, in the same order.