Hi there…Last month i buy dorico pro… i want to know how can i conncet the note to gether in G key and F key for write solo piano…i serch lot of time in youtube but i cant finde ?what shoud i do?

Try searching for “cross-staff notation.”
I think this is what you want for connecting notes in the G-clef and F-clef.

Oh thanks very very much :heart:

hi there…how can we use bars per system and systems per page???

Check Layout Options—Staves and Systems—Casting Off.

For consistent number of systems per page, adjust settings in Layout Options—Vertical Spacing—Ideal Gaps.

hi there thanks for anwsering last question i have one more question…in writing piano how can we beaming the nots in G clef and F clef?? i want to beam not on F clef to g clef

Enter all of the notes in the F clef, then highlight the notes you want to move up to the G clef and press n. (at least on USA keyboard). You could also right click and go to the “cross staff” submenu. This will move the notes to the opposite staff but still maintain proper beaming. Dorico may try to put the beam between the staves; if this happens, right-click on the beam and then go to the “stem” submenu and force stems down.

hi there …how can we write sextaplet or duplet/duelet or quardplet???

You can specify all kinds of tuplets using the tuplets popover (for the English version of Dorico, you can open it by pressing ; (semicolon)). They’re expressed as a ratio, e.g. 3:2 is a triplet, because it’s 3 notes in the space that 2 usually take up. More info and examples here