Dorico3 crashes

I have imported a midi-file and tried to edit it. When I try to reorder the tracks, Dorico crashes. It happened several times, so it´s seem to be a general issue.

Here is the crash -report

der dritte mann (1020 KB)

Is it possible that you’re dragging the players too quickly, before Dorico has had a chance to process each one? Obviously this shouldn’t crash, and we’ll fix it, but I believe you’ll be able to work around it by waiting for Dorico to finish updating the score after each drag before you drag the next one.

Daniel, I have experienced few Dorico crashes these days, but when I performed Create Diagnostic Report, the Crash folder
is always empty…
I have used O&O ShutUp software to stop many unwanted processes.

Best regards,

You need to follow the instructions in the FAQ thread under “Dorico is crashing. What do I do?” to make sure Windows will produce crash logs.

Thank you for the assistance, Daniel! :slight_smile: