Dorico4 has been released. Will cubase12 be released soon?

Dorico4 has a new UI page, will Cubase12 also update the new page? Is there a specific release time? I’m also looking forward to the new authorization system.

Did you see new Mixer UI?

Hopefully soon! Can’t wait

Haha while steinberg thinks it is practical or smart somehow, I think they miss oppertunity to communicate open en honoust with it’s user and fan base … Think about that SteinyPoeple!

Hahah it irritates me big time not knowing!

Yes, I hate that as well. So much more exciting when they tease us properly and let us know what is going on.

(I don’t know, but I think it might be that if you do not register with the dongle, you won’t be able to upgrade. You might need the dongle after all.)

Duì bù qǐ zhōng wén bù hǎo le.
(Sorry My Chinese is very bad.)

Wǒ wàng le shuō, huān yíng nǐ lái dào lùn tán.
(Also welcome to the forum.)

It doesn’t matter. Thank you for your answer. Translation software makes it very convenient for us to communicate!

Wǒ rèn wéi nín réng rán xū yào jiā mì gǒu yī duàn shí jiān cái néng yòng yú qí tā shàng wèi shì yìng de yí qì.
(You will probably still need the dongle for a while for other instruments.)