Dorico4 - slash not visible in chord symbols - like a/e

Thanks for the new realease! Sorry for submitting a report this early…
I noticed the slash between chord and root note is not visible in my case.
Should I do something like unistalling Dorico 3.5 and all and then reinstall Dorico 4?


Try rebooting your computer.


After the rebot it’s alright, thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately for me rebooting did not solve the problem.


I experienced this problem when updating from Dorico 4 (original release) to Dorico 4.1.0.

Does the problem persist if you start a new project and use the Bravura music font instead of Petaluma?

What versions of Petaluma, Petaluma Script and Petaluma Text are shown when you examine them in your Fonts folder (Windows) or in Font Book (macOS)?

I tried this and it was not working. However, I went into my font settings and manually set specific fonts and was able to get it working with Bravura, Petaluma and my font: Groove.


I had to play with the different font options which took some time but
in the end, my issue is resolved. Thank you.