DoricoPro 3 Renaming Layout ?

Dorico Pro3 - The cursor when renaming instruments in the layout window or instrument window with multiple instruments does not scroll through or skips to the last instrument ?? I think only Daniel can help here ??

Thanks in advance and for the great new possibilities. Super !!!

I’m afraid I’m not sure what you’re reporting here, Eggi. Can you perhaps attach a picture or a short screen recording that shows the issue you’re experiencing?

Layout Fenster.JPG
Okay, I’ll try to describe it again. The layout window only takes up about 45 characters; then I can’t move the cursor further back to rename the instruments. For example “Picc./flute 1/Clarinet in (B H);Bassclarinet (B H)/Altsaxophone”. The (B H) disturbs me in the single voices. It looks good in the Full Score (Bb).
Maybe there’s a better way. However, the new labeling in the layout window worries about the cursor.
I hope it’s better explained this time.
Thank you.

I’m not sure it is any clearer, I’m sorry to say. Is the issue that you can’t see the whole name when you’re editing it because you can’t make the panel any wider?

I think we’re getting closer to this, that the panel doesn’t get wider is clear, if the cursor moves to the right when editing the text should the previous text move to the left or not ?? This is how I get to the whole text ??

I believe Eggi means he cannot move the cursor to the end of the text to edit it?

Almost correct, when the cursor reaches the right edge it disappears and sometime later the display jumps to the last instrument. So I can’t edit the bass clarinet in my example. This was my last attempt.
Thank you very much.

What I find, on both Windows and Mac, is that if my layout name is longer than the width of the card in the Layouts panel, the editable label gets split onto multiple lines, and I can easily move my cursor anywhere in that label, including right to the end.

Out of curiosity I tried with the same layout name as Eggi: Flute, Clarinet (B Flat) & Bass Clarinet (B Flat)
On my system (Windows 10) I can navigate with the cursor to the end of the layout name or anywhere within the name and edit to my liking.
But I do not get multiple lines as Daniel.

But I must add a curious behaviour:
When the Layout name is not expanded (I mean not clicking on the arrow at the left of the layout name) in the edit field I get the following Layout name only: Clarinet (B Flat)
When I click on the left arrow and the layout is expanded, in the edit field I get the full Name: Flute, Clarinet (B Flat) & Bass Clarinet (B Flat)

Here now the small animation of my case.
I do not get multiple lines as Daniel.
I am looking forward to further development.

Windows 10 64 Bit, DoricoPro 3, Intel System

Correction from me. The two lines Daniel mentions can be reached with the buttons up and down or with the scroll wheel up and down. Wow, what knowledge !!! Nevertheless the correction of the first line is difficult, if some characters reach over the edge. Maybe there is something that can be improved.

I’m sure they are on it.