Dorico's audio engine is not working. What can I do?

Dorico 5.1.1 - MacOs Ventura
Hi, I have problems with the audio engine and Dorico doesn’t work. To whom should I send the “Dorico” file?
Thank you

Send them here! Someone from the Dorico team (probably Ulf) will chime in and analyze it. zip files are accepted as attached files.

Thank you…
Now I’m trying to figure out how to do it…

Open Dorico. Help menu> Create diagnostic files. They will be on your Desktop as a zip file. Drag and drop here on your answer.

Dorico (1.2 MB)

Hi @times007 maybe also a short explanation of what the issue is, would facilitate the staff into helping.

If Dorico is complaining about the Audio Engine while starting up, maybe you can try to close Dorico, then in Activity Monitor (on Mac) make a Force Quit of the VST Audio Engine. Maybe also restart the Mac and try to open Dorico Again. (sorry if this was not your issue).

Thanks for the help.
I left the Mac Studio off for an hour, unplugging everything and, at the moment (they say that for good luck… ) it started working again.
I hope it continues like this, I have a score that I have to publish in a few days and I would be sorry not to be able to do it…
But I’ll check the window you showed me just to be sure.

Use the Force quitting of the VST Audio Engine only in case that, for some reason, Dorico is stuck on startup. Dorico and the VST Audio engine have different timings in their loading or shutting down, and sometimes is necessary to Force quit, but is only in case of necessity).

Hi @times007 , I see no crash files in your diagnostics, so I wonder if the audio engine really died or is it just hanging with you.?
Therefore, please do the following:
Before starting Dorico, open the Activity Monitor, then start Dorico and in the list of processes in Activity Monitor find the VSTAudioEngine item. Now if that one is running, but Dorico still can not connect to it, please create via Activity Monior a spindump. Activiity Monitor has at the top of its window a roundicon with 3 dots inside. Klick there and from the dropdown list choose “Create spindump”. The corresponding file please post here. Thanks

strangely yesterday and today Dorico is activated.
As soon as the problem happens again, I’ll try to do what you wrote to me and send it in this post.

Thank you very much indeed!!!

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