Dorico's Berserk Layout

I wonder if anyone could let kindly me know why the last four measures of this 32 bar part are shrunk, and how to fix it (that is, extend them to the end of the page). I chose 4 measures per system in the layout section and this is what I got. Dorico, or “Steinberg” won’t offer any real customer service unless you’re in the US; which unfortunately I’m not. This company has the worst customer service possible, that is, NO customer service.

Layout Options>Note Spacing>Only justify final system when more than x% full.


Thanks; greatly appreciated!

Regarding our customer service, that’s certainly not true. If you live in a country where Dorico is distributed either by an independent distributor or by one of Yamaha’s local subsidiaries, they can provide you with support. If you’re in any European country that Steinberg services directly, you can contact Steinberg for support, either by email or (at certain times) by phone.

You can also come here for support, and within less than an hour of joining the forum and asking your question, you had an answer – a pretty good response rate, I’d say. Yes, the answer came from a fellow user rather than from somebody who works for Steinberg, but for this kind of very simple question you can always rely on our helpful user community for help.

Please feel free to ask here for any assistance you might need: you will find that you get the help you need quickly and easily.


Haven’t been around here much, have ya?


Here’s the relevant page from the Dorico Pro 4 manual, which should already have a decent amount of keywords relating to “shrunken bars”, but I’ve made a note to look at adding “last measures are shrunk” as well, to improve future search results.


That was not a “good response rate;” I spent more than one entire hour going around your website looking for a customer service email.
Plus, I don’t care who is “distributing” your product; I want to go to your website and have access to customer service immediately, without being sent to other sites or being told to contact someone else. This is what I get from Presonous, by the way.

…are you customer service?

Somebody is angry on the internet … OK. Well you got your question answered at any rate, good luck.


I just went to the Presonus website and the link to their user forum is actually the first thing they have displayed for you to select? (I can’t actually try to get a support request as you need to register the product first.) Here, you have direct contact with the Dorico developers (two of whom replied to you within 35 minutes) - you won’t get that with many other products/brands…

In any case, at least your problem was solved. :slight_smile:


I spent more than one entire hour going around your website looking for a customer service email.

I’m sure our web team would be interested to learn why you were unable to find the links to contact support. On every page on the main web site, there is a prominent Support link in the top right-hand corner. When you click that link, you are taken to a page that encourages you to look for the answer in our self-service Help Center, but if you scroll down, you’ll see a prominent Contact option (and a corresponding one for users in the US, right next to it). The page you are then taken to provides links to whomever provides support for the country in which you bought your software, and there is a prominent Submit a ticket link on this page. (I also find that if I Google for “contact steinberg support”, the very first result is this page.)

So it would be helpful for our web team to know where you ended up on the site, or what search terms you were using, so that we can try to improve the experience for other customers in future. Thanks!


So here is what Presonus shows on the initial page

and this is what Steinberg shows on the upper right corner

What exactly is Presonus doing better here to bring you to the support pages?

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