Dorico's mixer - Assign to MIDI

I don’t seem to be able to assign a MIDI controller to e.g. the Output slider, so that I could control the volume with my keyboard.

No, I don’t think Dorico can be controlled in that way.

I see. My workaround is physically moving an actual hardware piece closer to me, not much of a big deal after all.

I’ve been investigating using my x-touch universal to control Dorico. I think there might be a way to use AutoHotKey (Windows) to snag selected midi data and automate the Dorico UI. If I ever get this working I will post the details.

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AutoHotkey can support MIDI by using certain scripts or libraries, but honestly, I don’t bother, I already have to make some LUA scripts for some editor functionalities.

If you manage to do something that doesn’t require installing additional stuff, let us know for sure.