Dorico's much slower than other programs - why?

Hi there,
I love Dorico but unfortunately it’s very slow. I’ll give you the data:

WIN10 Pro - 64bit - 2 processors - 8 GB ram

Dorico 2.2 pro

The project I’m working on:
Large orchestra + choir (40 instruments in total) with 31 different movements.

Times I measured:
13 sec - launching Dorico
25 sec - loading the project
13 sec - saving after only adding an octave in one instrument
13 sec - switching from write to engrave mode

Is that normal? What can I do to minimize these times?

Thanks for your support,

2 cores and 8Gb might be limiting factors. User reports suggest that 4 core CPUs improve things considerably. More RAM is always good. I upgraded from 8 to 32 Gb, and found Dorico much improved (along with everything else).

However, large projects will become slow. Whenever you make a change to the score, Dorico must re-calculate the spacings and positions of everything. There are some tips for reducing the slowness, usually reducing the number of active layouts.

You might find this earlier post helpful.

For me it takes 23 seconds to get to the Hub; sort of a lot. Something that would help speed up the process of getting going would be for Dorico to support the right click Jump List of recent files so I could bypass the Hub and load the score I want.

in windows explorer, you can double-click on the .dorico file to bypass the hub.

check that you don’t have your computer in some kind of low-power mode or power-saver mode.

Improve? Yes

Solve? No.

I have 32GB and 12 cores and Dorico struggles with any sort of large score.

I find that the 3.10. update did in fact accelerate on a lot of things, but Engrave Mode is still quite time consuming with the 2-3 seconds time to adjust and calculate the relations of the corresponding elements, at least with large orchestral projects (not with smaller ensembles though)…

Apart from this issue I’d just like to epxress, how AMAZING this program is and that I am so glad and grateful that I’m part of the bandwagon ever since version 1.0!