Doricos Slurs Button stays on

Hello Dorico Team,

I uses Dorico Elements 3 and the Button on slurs stays on when i have pushed it .
only when i go to a other mode it gets unselected.

This looks like a Bug.

Greetings from Nuernberg

Gerhard Duernberger

It’s working as designed, Gerhard: it allows you to nest multiple slurs (e.g. articulating slurs and phrasing slurs). To stop a slur, type Shift+S. You’ll also find it quicker to start a slur by hitting S than by using the button in the first place.

It depends when you push it. During note entry, the slur needs to know how many notes to include.
If you add the slur after notes are all entered (by click/CTRL-clicking) the slur button does not stay on.