#DoricoSwitchStories reloaded: share your story

A few years ago, we made a video featuring short first-person stories from users who have switched to Dorico from Sibelius and Finale. You can watch that video here:

We’d like to make an updated version of this video, telling the stories of users who have successfully made the switch to Dorico. (We’re also working on videos to help Finale and Sibelius users acclimatise to the changes in Dorico, which will be coming soon.)

If you have switched to Dorico from another application, we’d love to hear your story. Please see this page on the Dorico blog for more information:


I switched from Cubase, almost for scores, thus perhaps from a very distant product.

At first I had the feeling I lost my freedom, because almost everything was up to Dorico! With time, quality, speed and results became something indispensable and unavoidable.


I’m in a similar boat–although I had used MuseScore and Sibelius (free) versions prior for classwork–but primarily wrote in DAWs. Now that I’ve gotten accustomed to the workflow I can write 100x faster in Dorico and see what my music is doing at all times, with far less fuss over keyswitching and midi automation, since Dorico handles this rather well for me in the background, allowing me to focus on the music itself. I absolutely love it!


A short question the blog post does not answer: English submissions only?

We’re certainly open to German submissions as well, but depending on how many we get, we may or may not have enough to make a separate German-language video.

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Should include Guitar Pro in there. I still have not switched for those projects needing GP but I wonder about others who have done it successfully. There are probably 100x GP users than Sibelius users, maybe 1000x.

I switched from Finale after literally decades of using that software. Their level of development activity and lack of innovation drove me to seek alternatives, and I am very happy to have discovered Dorico, which while imperfect, is head and shoulders above my experience with Finale.

If you have a story to share, we’d love you to record a little video and send it to us (nothing fancy needed, you can do it using your webcam or your phone), so that we can include your story in our video.