dot or not

How come that the third count in voice 1 is notated with a half + an eight, and voice two with a dotted half?
Any idea?
difference in voices.PNG

I just tried inputting this example, without ties; then I tied everything after entering the notes. At first the top D was a double-dotted whole note! So I hit undo, clicked on the second D (now untied, which I had entered as a dotted half); then I hit Force Duration (the tool that looks like a C clamp), and tied the D. Everything worked fine, as shown in the attached screenshot.

Somehow I managed to get it right also, thanks. However, it’s not quite clear for me and I still think it’s bit peculiar how the program handles this by default. (like the first exemple). I have to examine this Force Duration thing.

Force Duration took me awhile to understand as well. But it’s powerful, in that the program keeps track of how long your note actually is, and then writes it according to whatever meter it happens to be in. Force Duration comes in when you want to “freeze” a duration as currently written, rather than having Dorico rewrite it on the fly if you delete a bar, change time signature, etc.

One other very handy shortcut (on Mac) is option-shift + right or left arrow. This lengthens or shortens your selected note or chord by the rhythmic grid value in the lower left corner. Once you get used to this, it’s much more convenient to make your note as long or short as you wish, rather than worrying about a bunch of ties and rests.

Yes, I know, but Dorico often notates a dotted quarter as a quarter tied to an eigth following the Notation Options rules.
When there are long tied notes that you want to be notated with dot(s), then you have to untie them (scissors), click force duration and then tie them again from the last notes toward the first. I wish there was something like “use dots where possible” on selected notes. The use of dots or ties depends on the situation and Notation Options are global. I do like the automatic handling of duration though…

Ребята привет. У меня такая проблема. Cubase 9.5 pro на mac os. Import audii file не открывается плеер что делать помогите пожалуйста.

You need to post this to the Cubase forum, not Dorico.