Dotted note notation

I’ve tried every option in the Notation Options for Note grouping. But can’t figure this one out. How do I get the first dotted crotchet to become a crotchet with a tied quaver?

I’m afraid you’ll need to use o (force notation). Select the first note, press o 5 6 and now, with eighth note as a rhythmic grid, alt-shift-right arrow.


Blimey. I think I’ll just have to live with it, that’s a palava. Thanks though - you’re encyclodpaedic!

What you are wanting is most unusual.

If you are happy not to have any dotted notes at all. Set Notation Options>Note Grouping>Rhythm Dots to zero.

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If that’s 4/4, then you’ll be living with what would be comfortable for most people.


Or just (with first note selected and eighth note as a rhythmic grid):

-alt-shift-left arrow
-alt-shift-right arrow