Dotted notes in tuplets

I want to control whether the notes in my tuplets are tied or dotted.

I have attached two files: one with the notation Dorico is insisting on, and that I can’t over-ride.

The other is the effect I want, created pretty easily in Sibelius.

Can anyone advise how to get the effect I want in Dorico? I have tried messing around with cutting the ties and forcing duration, but it always seems to revert to the tied subdivisions.


as it is in Dorico.png

You have to create your tuplet and enter note in force duration mode (shortcut “O”)

See attach file

Brilliant, thanks Florent. I think I was trying to fix the problem retrospectively, but need to just re-input with force duration on. Thanks!

Tuplets are next-to-impossible to fix once they’ve been inputted. Possible, that is, but über confusing (at least I think so). It’s almost always best to re-enter them.

Just tie as you go along, with Force Duration turned on.
I just screen-captured how to do it (complete with keystrokes)

Thanks for your help everyone