Dotted quarter on "& of 1" - possible to change default to split to 8th + quarter?

In 4/4, is it possible to set the note grouping in Dorico to allow for the following rhythm by default?

Top line is what I get, bottom line is what I want (using force duration). For an 8th followed by a 8th tied to dotted half in the 2nd bar, this displays correctly:

On the Note Grouping page of Notation Options, set Notation of short-dotted long patterns to Split at beat boundaries.

Thank you!

I didn’t think to hit that one. I think the image that displays is incorrect. It shows quarter/dotted half rhythms, but obviously it doesn’t force that presentation as seen by my notes to the left in this image (which are not using force duration).

I don’t know if I misunderstand what you wrote (in that case sorry!)

But I think that the images in the options are a (very helpful) courtesy, and just a case example. What is important is the text below it.

In this case the beat boundaries are dependent on the beat, that is dependent on Time signature: there are many possible cases: showing all of them in the help image would be confusing. So the text explains the logic of it.

I guess I meant that what you have displayed in B (dotted half turning into quarter tied to half) does not appear for me when I change the option to that. It only seems to effect the 8th notes. My example here in the picture I posted was in 4/4, with no changing time signature.

@emusic , if you will, you can share your project (or a cut-down version of it) and I can check what could cause this.