dotted quarter rest

In the attachment, mm113, you see a half rest, dotted quarter rest, eighth note.

I would like the dotted quarter rest split into quarter + eighth rest. Usually this happens in 4/4, but the meter here is 2/2. I tried some stuff but can’t make it work. Any ideas?

dotted rest.png

Not behind Dorico now, so off the top of my head: IIRC, in Notation Options, there is a setting for ‘allow dotted rests’. I’m not sure it’ll apply in 2/2. If not, you may be forced to either use forced duration, or silently change to an invisible 4/4 in bar 2.

I don’t get that in 2/2, so there must be a Notation Option to prevent it somewhere.

(Though 2/2 will give you a dotted eighth rest, which I haven’t found a way of preventing. Also, I’d love for 2/2 to beam to quarters. But I digress.)