Dotted Rests in Layout

I am trying to disallow dotted rests of this nature. What am I missing?

That setting is quite specific in that it controls rests after notes, rather than before. The request to have an option for rests at the start of the beat has been made before and is on the team’s radar (I know this, because at some point I myself have mentioned it).

You could try hopping over to the Note Grouping page, if I’m remembering correctly, where you can set a maximum number of rhythm dots if you never want double dotted notes/rests.

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I had limited success. I had hoped to get a similar result throughout the piece. The first one I posted (see pic) was adjusted to create the desired result.

Two others did not. In the next one I am trying to get two 1/8 rests after the downbeat of one

The last one did not split the dotted quarter.

Are these situations different to be handled in different ways?

I think in 5/4, Dorico defaults to 2+3 grouping. You could specify e.g. [1+1+1+1+1]/4 in the popover, to get a 5/4 time signature that splits at crotchet/quarter beat boundaries, including for single staves only.

I can’t remember off the top of my head what Notation Options there are for these sorts of rests, but if there are some, they’ll either be on the Rests page or Note Grouping page.

Failing that, you can input explicit rests using Force Duration.

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It’s 3+2 by default.

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This is great. I was on this trail, but I was not entering the time signatures correctly. Thanks again for your valuable guidance. I should remember it this time.

I believe that is what I see in this arrangement.

It all turned out fine, but to get a final desired result in all parts, it required a lot of beaming notation and forced durations, which made me wonder if there is a way to assign a time signature in an odd meter to an individual part with different rhythms in order to counter changes in another part so that I do not have to go back and make a ton of edits. Yikes! Editing that sentence would be like what I went through editing the music.

Yes you can do that by inputting time signatures on single staves:

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Well, I’m not surprised. They seem to cover a multitude of scenarios. Thank you!