Dotted rests?

In the first bar of M I tried to disallow the dotted quarter rest after going to rest notation, but it did not work. So then I allowed it, applied it and closed it. Then I went through the process one more time to disallow the dotted rest and still did not get what I was hoping for. What am I missing?

I’m not in front of my computer to double-check, but are you in cut time here? IIRC Dorico handles these incorrectly in cut time and Force Duration must be used. If you’re in 4/4, then I’m not sure what’s going on.

As a matter of fact it is cut time. I thought about using forced duration, but I thought I had to create a quarter rest and an eight rest prior to doing that. I’ll go back to see what I can do. Thanks, Fred!

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You can also add a 4/4 time sig, then hide it in properties, and all rests after your hidden time sig should display correctly.

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