Dotted rhythm note entry / shortcut question

Quick question – is it possible to set a keyboard shortcut for dotted rhythms? I noticed that Shift-6 and Shift-5 (and so on) are unused. Is it possible, for example, to have Shift-6 stand in for dotted crotchets and Shift-5 for dotted quavers?

A few months ago I realised that I prefer to keep left hand on the computer keyboard, and the right on my controller keyboard for note entry – however useful it is to have 6 for crotchet and 5 for quaver on the left side of the computer keyboard, the shortcut for the dot is way on the right, which requires leaping around with one hand By using the Shift modifier for dotted rhythms, it would speed up my note entry enormously… A few months ago, I began using Shift-3 as a way to toggle the “dot” on and off, but the suggestion above would be even sharper, I reckon…

thank you!

If you’re entering long – short – long – short dotted rhythms, e.g. dotted crotchet quaver, dotted crotchet quaver, etc; you can just enter the notes ‘straight’ (as crotchets), select them all and press dot. (Make sure Insert is OFF.)

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In addition to @benwiggy’s excellent suggestion, If you have a repeating rhythmic pattern, copy it n-times and use lock duration (L) to enter the correct pitches.

And of course, we can now reveal that Dorico 5 lets you double tap the number to get a dotted note.


Thanks! respectfully, double-tapping a note value is a little less elegant, IMHO, than using Shift-notevalue to get a dot. This requires remembering how many times you tapped – and what if you tapped three times, does it revert to normal notes?

Shift-notevalue could be useful for dotted rhythms, such as when you’re entering a series of dotted notes and a few non-dotted notes, you can keep your pinky near the shift key…

Shift-notevalue is an articulation… This means changing the behavior of many things for many many people :person_shrugging:

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really? for me those Shift-notevalue hotkeys are empty - articulations for me are in P, [, ],
I must have a different keyboard layout from you.

Are you talking about the numbers in the numpad? Numbers on the top row are used by default as notevalues, and adding shift is articulations by default

On the French layout, yes. On the English one the articulations are all on the punctuation keys (except one of them that’s Shift-top-row-number for U.S. users, because US and U.K. keyboards differ).

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