Dotted slashes in 3/8

When beaming 3/8 as compound meter, should slash regions not therefore show dotted slashes? Am I missing a way to enable this?

You can change this in
Engraving Options > Notes > slash region in compound time signatures

Actually, in 3/8 the slashes are in 8ths…
You could use a dotted quarter, change its notehead to slash …

Thanks. Yeah, I know I can put in slashes with stems, and then I suppose I could go in and remove the stems. It does seem to me that the default, assuming the beaming options are set to beam 3/8 as compound meter, should be for slashes with dots just as one would see in 6/8. I was hoping for a more automatic approach. Perhaps this qualifies as a “feature request”.

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Shift-M [3]/8 Enter will give you a time signature that treats 3/8 as a single dotted quarter/crotchet beat rather than three separate eighth/quaver beats.
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Thank you!

I find your answer interesting.
Where is this (and similar) information found in the documentation or in Dorico itself?

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See step 5 of the procedure here.

See also here

and here

Thank you pianoleo and Lillie - your information is very helpful. There is so much to learn about Dorico! Just out of curiosity, could he have done the same thing by using the “O” (force duration) feature?

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No. Slash regions aren’t notes, so they can’t be forced.

Based on what you showed in your Shift-M example above, it gave a me a solution to an issue I’ve had in note entering. I had been using the force duration option every time I enter notes so that such combinations as two dotted quarter notes followed by a quarter note in 4/4 time are shown exactly that way. So I tried entering in the time signature as [4]/4 and it works perfectly without using the force duration option. Thank you!

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Take a look in Library > Notation Options > Note Grouping for per-flow defaults about how different durations are handled in various time signature contexts.

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Thanks for pointing that out… but using the bracket in the time signature solves all my problems and I don’t have to scroll thru a myriad of screens of possible selections to get there.
Like I’ve said before, this is a complex program and in many ways not very intuitive.

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Especially unintuitive if you brush off Lillie’s suggestions and refuse to look at the options she has provided specifically to help you understand.

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See the recent thread I started about ‘intuitive’ titled ‘Intuitive’.

In all of Dorico’s options dialogs, you have the ability to save how options are currently set in that dialog as your default for all future projects you start on your computer. So if you have consistent preferences, you can set these options once, save as default, then never worry about them again.

The system of higher-level options dialogs is one of Dorico’s strengths and there are some real gems in there – I would recommend giving them a go. Particularly as most properties you can set once for a single note/item tend to have a default equivalent in one of the options dialogs, saving you the need to repeat yourself!

Be aware of the fact that the rhythm you want is incorrect. In a bar of 4/4, the middle of the bar should always be visible, as in:
Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 5.58.27 AM


I have read and posted in the Intuitive thread. It seems for those that have used the program for years everything in Dorico is intuitive, but for those of us who are just getting started, it is not. My gut feeling from reading the responses in that thread is that the programmers don’t really seem to care about ease of use for us newbies.

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Thanks again, as I didn’t fully understand that the settings you talked about would become permanent. So, I will give it a try.

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