Double activation of Future Past Perfect after going to Steinberg licensing

Hi. After using the voucher to upgrade my license of Future Past Perfect to the new Steinberg Licencing system, the library was fine, working, but today i got a warning email that my license will stop working in 14 days if i don’t " Verify my pending license" … so i looked and i discovered TWO licenses, one fine and one pending … i have eLicenser and Activation Manager showing everything correctly, that my license was deleted from eLicenser and activated in the Activation Manager, but i also saw ANOTHER pending license for my Future Past Perfect library … do i have to do anything? Do i just leave it for the 2nd license to expire and keep on using the first activated license, or will the pending license “take down” the Future Past Perfect library in 14 days ? And why is a 2nd license there to begin with? I never bought two. Steinberg, please advice .

I have seen this exact thing with a different title. It eventually sorted itself out. without my doing anything. I suppose it’s some kind of glitch in the system.

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Same here, I got two vouchers for one license, also got the warning email, will be ignoring it as there’s nothing I can do about it. I logged a support ticket and the response (two months later) was basically that I shouldn’t worry about it, the system still has a few glitches.