Double Audio When Recording

I’m using an Allen and Heath Qu32 Board with Cubase and running my keyboards through the board. I can hear the keyboards when the track is not monitor enabled and can hear it again over the original when I enable monitoring. Is this a bus / routing issue, Qu32 setup or is there some way I can resolve this within cubase? TIA


My guess is that you are hearing the keyboard through both the mixer direct output and Cubase output.
You should make sure the mixer faders down for the keyboard in the case you only want to use Cubase as monitor.
However, if you want to record latency free, then use the mixer to output your keyboard, but it’s one or the other, in that case just don’t use monitoring in Cubase.
It’s normal that if you use both at the same time you’ll hear the sound layered twice with a very small delay between the two.

How is your send to the DAW configured? What’s the tap point?

I just figured it out. I had all the channels sending back to the LR Mains on the board which came to the PC. I turned all of those off except the USB routing channel and now I only hear things in cubase when i enable monitor each track.