double barline at end/repeat next bar

In a simple lead sheet with one flow and one staff I need one staff line to end in a double barline and the next staff line to start with a repeat(|:). So far I can only do either or. How can I get both?

Via Engraving Options?

Ah. Thanks. Still learning where everything is. In the meantime I ended up using a new flow for that section.

Bumping this as I had just searched for it. Is it just me, or is this setting quite limiting? Double barlines generally are used at the end of musical sections, which may or may not have anything to do with the occurrence of a repeated section starting immediately after. It’s definitely possible one might need both options in a given piece, which is the situation I just found myself in. I just rearranged the casting off to avoid a repeat starting a system, but it would great to be able to override this setting in the Properties panel if needed. (Or is it now and I’ve missed it?)

You can have a double barline wherever you want one. In projects where double barlines punctuate sections, how frequently do you have start-repeat barlines that aren’t the start of a new section?

It’s fairly common in a “Tag” ending situation for example. I don’t want a double bar before the repeat as it’s not the end of a section but I want to repeat the 4m phrase.

Hmm. You make a good point. There are no official overrides at this stage, but maybe when the development team see this thread they’ll recognise the need.

Just to clarify, in the example below it is impossible to have a double barline at the end of m146 with the current Engraving settings and system break, correct?

Essentially, yes. There are workarounds you could use to force a double barline there (either by having an extra bar with rests removed, or by using a new flow) but both of these methods are slow and cumbersome, and certainly don’t fit with Dorico’s general ideology.

I like the setting for an automatic double barline, and that’s what I’ll use most of the time, I’d just like to propose a feature request to be able to override it as needed. (Or vice versa for those who pick the opposite setting.) As there’s nothing inherently linking an end of a section with the start of a repeat it just seems strange to me to have the display forcibly linked to one or another. Admittedly, not a situation that comes up all the time, but certainly a situation that could arise, as I discovered today.

Hi is there a way to have a FINAL double bar line and then a repeat? In my case I want to have a lead sheet (with a final double bar line), followed with some riff ideas or maybe intros/outros. Maybe this is something to be solved with frames. Thanks for your help!

You can create a final barline anywhere you like, but you cannot have both a final barline and a start repeat barline at the same rhythmic position, i.e. on the same nominal barline, even if the barline is drawn both at the end of one system and the start of the next. You should indeed use a separate flow for the music that follows the final barline if it must also begin with a start repeat barline. Disable flow headings for the layout in Layout Options and allow flows to start in the same frame, and it will look more or less as if the music continues after the final barline.

Thanks Daniel for the quick reply. This method took less than 1 minute and does the job. Even after a couple of years, I’m still not “thinking in frames” yet.