Double barlines in polymetric passages

I would like to create double barlines as shown here, in red:

Can Dorico do this – i.e., other than by creating vertical lines by hand?

Thanks. . .

Should do

It looks to me as though the outer staves need to have independent time signatures attached somewhere (either at or before the double barline, and they could be hidden). If global time signatures are being used on those staves, the double barline will always cur across even the staves that have prevailing independent time signatures.

Thank-you, Lillie and Leo!

Lillie, unless I’m doing something wrong, following the Inputting barlines with the popover guidelines isn’t working for me – despite using Alt-Enter, it gives double barlines to all the staves. . .

. . . which I think you’ve addressed, Leo – however, those independent time signatures are already there:

Just to be sure I’m doing this correctly, Lillie:

  • I placed the input carat at the first note of the complete bar in the piano part, and hit Shift-B;

  • I then typed in “||”, and hit Alt-Enter

. . . but that resulted in:

Can you share the project file, or a cut-down version of it? That works as expected for me on a staff with an independent time signature earlier in the flow. Do both of your piano staves really have independent time signatures, or is 4/2 the global time signature?

Sure – I’ve only begun the layout, so there’s very little music entered so far.
july 7b, 22.dorico (854.1 KB)

Both piano staves have the same 4/2 time signature – but you may be on to something: I think that I created each of the three instruments’ time signatures independently (using Alt-enter), but it’s possible that I had originally created a 4/2 global time signature, and then over-rode those for the bassoon and double bass . . .

Yes your 4/2 time signature is global. You can tell this because both appear highlighted when you select one, i.e. they’re one and the same item.

If you re-input the 4/2 time signatures for the two piano staves as local, you can then have local double barlines on those staves.

Hmm. . . I just began a new version of the layout, and made a point of setting each part’s time signature as independent – but setting both piano staves together – but I’m still getting the same results.

Maybe I’m not setting the independent signatures properly? To set the piano’s, I have done it two different ways: a) selecting notes or rests from both staves, and hitting Shift-M; or, b) stretching the carat sign to cover both staves, and hitting Shift-M.

Here’s this newer version, if you have a moment to take a look . . .
july 7c, 22.dorico (847.7 KB)

Ah, now I get it! The time signature for each of the piano’s two staves must be independently set!

Thanks, Lillie – I appreciate your help!

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