Double bars and repeats in second endings

In the excerpt below, I would like the double bar at the end of the 2nd ending to be a final double bar rather than the simple one illustrated, because after the da capo this will be the end of the piece. But when I select the double bar (hoping to change it to a final double bar), the subsequent left-hand repeat bar is also selected, as shown. It’s as if they’re one object. This is a fairly common situation, so I can’t believe that Dorico can’t handle it. What am I missing?
Screenshot 2019-11-06 16.58.33.png

Dorico can’t show both a final barline and a start repeat barline at the same position. It’s not conventional to show a final barline in this situation: the convention is to show a double barline labeled “Fine”.

Thanks, Daniel.

Hi Daniel,
I’m having the same question.
Look at the picture that I enclosed.
Bar number 13 needs an end barline.
Bar 13 and 14 have a system break.
Is there no way to do this ?

Thanks a lot.
Friendly greetings Vincent

You’re not having the same question, Vincent, because there’s a system break there.

See Engraving Options

Thanks Pianoleo for your quick reply,
Okay so we have to stick with the conventions as Daniel says.