Double bass in solo tuning

I’m converting a number of transcriptions for one or two double basses in solo tuning and piano. They were made in Finale and the transposition was such that I usually had to make two copies of the file, one for the bassist(s) and one of the score in concert pitch. The tuning is A-E-B’-F#’, so notated a minor 7th higher than sounding. The problem with making the parts is, besides the transposition, the fact that the solo part(s) change clefs often but these clef changes are either unnecessary in the score or different clef changes are required in the score than in the parts. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to set this up in Dorico?

I forgot to mention: after importing a file via XML, the transposition is actually set correctly, even though the instrument is cello. I wonder what instrument Dorico thinks it is! I can’t see where the minor 7th transposition is set.

When you import a “non standard” instrument from XML, Dorico adds a new instrument to the Setup menu.

Which is OK, except sometimes it’s hard to guess from the names which one is the Dorico standard instrument and which one came from XML!

You can’t edit instrument definitions in Dorico, so there is no way to see exactly what the imported instrument does.

What’s the best way to set up a double bass sound in a minor 7th transposition in Dorico?

If you use Halion, you can change the transposition with the EDIT tab.

You might have to make a new expression map, if this also transposes the keyswitches.

I’m afraid I use NotePerformer. I don’t think it’s possible with that. Does this mean that it’d be easier to set it up in Finale and then import it?

You might be able to get it to work with NotePerformer, but it’s a bit messy since NP has one huge expression map for every instrument.

Go to Play / Expresssion Maps and make a duplicate copy of the Noteperfomer map. Call it something like “NP for solo bass”.
Then you need to go through all the techniques, and either delete them (I guess your solo bass player isn’t going to use a harmon mute for anything) or change the “transposition” from 0 to (probably) +2 since Dorico will already be transposing down an octave.

Then assign your new expression map to the MIDI channel that plays back the bass.

Probably just changing the first “Natural” technique will verify it works, if you do a test with no articulations, slurs, etc.

Thanks, Rob. I’ll give that a try when I get the time.