Double-click behaviour - Piano roll / automation points


Pretty new Cubase user here. I feel super annoying when I cannot delete notes in piano roll by double clicking them, or when I double click automation points. I feel really frustrated when I need to change the tools (or search keyboard right key) all the time to do basic commands!! This takes time and really slows you down, plus like I said, this is super annoying. Take a look at S1, Live and so on, all those have these basic commands. :angry:

Please add option ASAP; double click to delete note in piano roll and delete automation points! PLEASE!


Yes, please !

I’d hate this. It would break how editing note expression currently works.

So hopefully it would be implemented as an option (if at all -1).

Yeah, that’s why I wrote that please add OPTION :wink:

Oh, yes please! Been missing this for ages!

I’d also love that feature for a faster workflow, at least for me and a few others I guess. As an optional setting of course so that users that don’t like it can disable such a feature. It doesn’t neccessarily have to be realised via double-click, maybe holding some modifier key is sufficient.