Double click issues Cubase 13 Windows 10

I have issues with opening parts when double clicking.
Some times I have to double click several times before the midi/audio editor opens…
Happens only in Cubase 13, I have tested the same projects in Cubase 12 and run with no issues whatsoever.

Really really annoying.
Any ideas how to solve it?

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The mantra comes in again and again…

OS, ASIO driver, audio hardware, graphic hardware, plugins, basic system specs

Thanks for your reply.
OS Windows 10, all updates installed.
MOTU asio drivers latest version installed,
latest Nvidia drivers, latest AMD chipset drivers installed, (Ryzen 9 5900x processor , 64 gb ram) and the mystery goes on, as Cubase 12 is installed on the very same machine, and runs perfectly the very same project…


I have the exakt same problem but in C12.
Windows 11 - all updates
Fireface UFX II
Graphic UHD 770 - i7 14700k

What could this be?