Double Click issues in Cubase Pro 12 for Windows

Anyone on PC having double click issues with the mouse?
It often takes me 3, 4 or even 5 double click attempts to open a midi editor or rename a track. Regardless of the mouse control panel settings in window, i cannot improve the behavior back in Cubase with either wired and wireless mice.
This has been ongoing for 2 or 3 years, it’s driving me mental, finally had to post something about it, as you can imagine it’s incredibly frustrating for the workflow, desktop systems (i don’t use a laptop)

I can’t say I’ve encountered this and I have been using a desktop pc for years on every version

Thanks for the input. I’ve tried 2 wired mice since and still the same issue. I revert to just pressing enter to open a midi or audio editor whereas i would normally just double-click the part. Renaming a track is the absolute wort tho, at least 3 or 4 double click attempts to rename a track. I’m sure i’ll solve it, but this is specific to Cubase, in normal windows apps this does not happen. It’s a system i built this year, high spec desktop, it simply should not be happening. I’m very fussy with the mouse as i use it full time for music production, so it has to be super lightweight and on the larger side to make it comfortable for 10 to 12 hour days here in the studio.

I’ve never experienced this either. Sure sounds like a bad mouse, but then it would happen everywhere.

The only thing I can imagine is that Cubase is spinning its wheels trying to do something & it’s impacting realtime performance. Does this occur in a new blank Project with Cubase started in Safe Mode & all plug-ins disabled?


Wow… Great tip raino, that worked! Blank session with no 3rd party plugins and double clicks are perfect everywhere first time. I guess i have a starting point to troubleshoot what may be causing the issue, prefs, plugins, instruments, i have many and i can’t live without them, but maybe just ONE is the culprit, possibly my Console 1 plugin and hardware (just a starting guess),
I’ll report back when i have something to report!