Double-click on notes in Key Editor

I guys,
In Key Editor, when I double-click a on a midi note, it opens the note expression window. I would like the double-click to delete the note instead, since I don’t use notes expressions. Is there a way to change the behavior of a double click on midi notes in Key Editor?


I would love that too, a drum editor like double click to add, double click to remove, with a switch for people using note expressions,so everyone would be happy!

I hate that in drum editor, when I press my midi controller, the corresponding lane doesn’t light like in Key Editor… messing with my workflow.

I agree, for whatever reason there is no quick delete in the Cubase Key editor. This should be remedied and is in line with Steinbergs goals of improved workflow.

What if you press 5? Then click = erase. Press 1, and click = normal. I wonder if you could map erase to a key on a gaming mouse.

I may try that work around, good idea. Although have you ever programmed using a daw that has a smart tool and quick insert and deletion of notes. It is much faster and easier. Actually it is night and day.

I’d rather use the right mouse button if I could choose an option.

Yeah for whatever reason this has been one thing the programmers have not implemented. As someone who is in software development as a technology BA I can only think it’s just down on the priority list or some type of coding issue trying to figure it out. I would love the option implemented somehow. Preferably when the pencil tool is used, one click created note, right click deletes note.

To avoid causing an issue for users already using functions at current state, add this as a preference that can be activated, when pencil tool is used right click erases note instead of opening menu.

Honestly it should only take a meeting or two for them to figure this out and implement it. So I can only imagine there is some coding issue which I would not be able to understand unless I spoke to an engineer.

Hey, seems like this is implemented in Cubase 11. (By default)
To enable the note expression editing again you can click this button in the piano roll toolbar:
If you can’t see it right click the toolbar and check “Show Note Expression Data”