Double click on Stop button doesn't work (Cubase 11 pro)

I didn’t find the information but since the update to v11, double click on stop to place to cursor at the relative start doesn’t work.
It’s quite annoying.

See here

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I agree . It’s very annoying!

I have the same problem.
Double-clicking (with the left mouse button) doesn’t work yet in another application, which is Genelec GLM application for calibration the loudspeakers. I figured out that in that application the double-clicking button is reversed, it works with the right mouse button.
I wonder why this rare problem occurs.
May I ask you which Windows version/edition you are using?
I am using Windows 10 64bit N edition.
N is the Windows edition which comes without the Windows Media features. This can be installed later.
I already had several errors from other applications (e.g. missing DLLs) because of using the N edition. It seems that application developers do not test their code against the N edition which is the reason why bugs go undetected.


Apparently, it will be resolve in the next update. See the link posted by Geppastro.