Double click somewhere on the Master Level to set a specific level?

So first off let me compliment the Bit Meter in WL11. In combination with the Master Level output it performs perfectly. When it indicates an overage in the Bit Meter and I return to the ML control it shows the overage, and by the exact amount. Awesome!

However when I try to drop the level control down to the exact amount,
say .01, with my trackball, I struggle. Does this ML control not have a double click feature that opens a numerical window that I can enter a number in? I see the ‘return to zero’ feature to the faders but nothing else. Is there another way to do what I need?

In working with acoustic instrument mixes, even with limiting (minimal) in the chain, there always seems to be that little bit of overage that I need to reduce.

You can’t enter a gainvalue by typing, on the Master Section. However, you can press Shift while dragging the faders, to get more accuracy.
If entering a value with the keyboard is important for you, you can still use a gain plugin.

Ah, OK this works, thank you.

use “arrows” and Alt key or Alt + fn key
for fine tunings

regards S-EH

Thanks S-EH. The arrow keys actually work like you say but PG’s way seems to work better for me. For some reason with your method I really have to hit the arrow keys pretty hard and still it will not connect at times.

You need to click once on the fader thumb, to set the focus there.

Well. This function is workable but not perfect, and this would be holding shift after clicking on the fader thumb. For example, what if I wanted to reduce the output from 0db to -1.7db? It can’t be done. hitting shift and reducing the output. I can only go incrementally from 0 to -.05 and then there is a jump to -.1db followed by .2, .3, .4 etc.

I guess I’m splitting sonic hairs here but is there no way to arrive at - .06, .07, .08, .09db? And then, once you arrive at say -.2db, you can’t back peddle to - .17db. Sorry, but it would be so much simpler to just open a window and input your level.

If I’m the only one wanting this then I’ll make do. Thanks for the responses.


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I was about to suggest the gain plugin as well. It allows the master faders to remain locked at zero and offers A/B settings for easy comparison.

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Clever and good :slight_smile:

regards S-EH