Double clicking in graphics frame doesn't open file explorer

If I create a graphics frame on a master title page and double click on/in it, file explorer doesn’t load to allow me to select a graphic. Am I missing a setting?

What happens if you select the edge of the graphics frame and press Return/Enter?

Thank you Lillie, that worked, but why doesn’t double click work?

I’m not sure, it works for me (with a short c. 1 second delay between double-clicking and the Finder opening). If it’s consistently not working in a particular project, feel free to upload that project here for someone to investigate. (Ideally apply the Silence playback template first, to reduce the file size.)

Thanks Lillie. I think iMischief and Meditation - Full score.pdf (98.9 KB) Silent M and M.dorico (1.6 MB) t would be worth getting to the bottom of this so attached is the silent file plus a pdf of the page in question as I am not sure if fonts and graphics are imbedded in the file.
This is a work in progress where I am working on the score before getting to the parts, done on a reasonably high spec. PC. There are two flows, the first is a title page constructed in Dorico and the second is the music itself originally a Sibelius file which has been imported as a condensed xml file.

Ah right, I think double-clicking is not so reliable when frames overlap, or in this case are entirely enclosed within each other. Double-clicking opens the text editing options within the larger text frame. In these cases, selecting the graphics frame and pressing Return is probably the best option.

On a side note, here’s your file with a couple of tweaks - unprompted so feel free to ignore! I re-applied a master page change to the first page - currently, if you add a new page with a specified master page, that still gets inserted as a page override; if you remove the override, the whole page formatting gets lost. I also changed the layout option to use the First master page for any flow starting at the top of the page (so it automatically gets used on p3, which doesn’t happen when you insert a master page change on an earlier page). I also removed the page override towards the end, which was causing a blank page gap which didn’t look intentional?

Silent M and M_LH.dorico (1.6 MB)

Thank you Lillie for your revisions, most helpful.
I had thought overlapping frames might be a problem and I had experimented with moving them out of the way. I realise now, on reflection, that I had forgotten the borders round the edges which would also be overlapping frames. Duh!

Note that alt-shift-click will cycle through overlapping objects. Quite useful when using an unzoomed view.