Double-dot notation issue?

I’m working on a score that has double-dotted quarter notes throughout. Meter is C time (issue is present in 4/4 as well). All is well if the double-dotted quarter note is followed by a sixteenth note; if it is followed by a sixteenth REST, it reverts to tied notes, and will not stay double-dotted no matter what notations settings I select. Is the “expected behavior”, or maybe a bug?

With a sixteenth note following:

With a rest following:

Original (trying to emulate):
double-dot original

What am I doing wrong? Ideas?

I get the same result as you but am able to get the double-dotted quarter note followed by a sixteenth rest if I turn on “force duration” (o) before entering the double-dotted quarter note. I hope that helps.

You need force duration, as mentioned. Just adding confirming to that.

Dorico often treats “note followed by note” differently than “note followed by rest” for these kinds of grouping behaviours. In some cases that’s right, or at least helpful (since it’s hard to be categorical about right and wrong in most situations), because we read rhythms differently with the same values but different combinations of notes and rests, but in others it’s definitely less helpful. We do plan to add some more options to the rest and note grouping features – certainly it’s an area that is overdue some more attention.