Double Everything!

I have already notated a piece at 100 bpm featuring lots of 16th notes.
For readability, I’d like to double the tempo to 200 so I have 8th notes.
This will double the number of bars. Any way to do it?


Use, Write->Edit Duration->Double Note Duration but be sure to use Insert mode. (press i first)
(also remember to remove insert mood afterwards, press i again)


Thanks - worked for everything except tuplets

Given the level of general tuplet sophistication in D. this is perhaps somewhat puzzling… :smile:
(BUT if you don’t mind taking an XML detour via F*le, this is a one click task there, using the JW meter and rhythm plugin…)

Even in Finale there are complications. Because implicit measure rests in Finale do not double unless one converts them to real measure rests, staves and voices can get seriously out of sync if one tries a one-click solution; or does the JW plug-in take care of that automatically?

(I found that since Finale and Jari converted to 64-bit, the JW plug-ins blocked the Addictive Drums VST–and we know how lame the Garritan drum sounds are.)


(Never heard about JW blocking anything … maybe you forgot to update Addictive Drums to 64 bit?)

I wish it were that easy, but I have kept AD updated (to 64-bit).
I’m looking for a drums VST that gives me more control over parameters via MIDI CC’s, but I admit I have not spent that much time at it. More interested writing the music down. :slightly_smiling_face:

And I find I use Finale less than before anyway: there’s this newer program that has come out in the last few years…