Double / flanged audio

Hiya there, I recently started trying out Nuendo instead of cubase as I recently picked up Synchron Strings Pro and wanted to try out its dolby atmos integration. I installed everything just fine but when I play a note I noticed that it sounded flanged. I tried using a spitfire library and instead of getting that result, it was just a whole lot louder. What’s strange is this only happens when I monitor or record the plugins, when I click a note in the respective players they sound just fine. I looked up some fixes on here but none of them helped, perhaps someone will be willing to give me a hand?

What I’ve tried:
Changing sample rates
Changing ASIO input
Resetting I/O
Double checking that only one output was active

Note: I have failed to recreate the problem in Cubase 11 and FL Studio

Hello, can you double-check enabling this?

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Thank you for your reply! Initially it was off so I turned it on but sadly I’m not hearing any difference.

Update: here are my outputs, feel free to point out if I’m doing something wrong here

@ArtemisLance: Make sure that you don’t feed the Synchron Player with the same MIDI input twice.

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THANK YOU! I cannot believe I didn’t think of that before. It’s working great now, thank you kind stranger!

You’re welcome! Greetings from Vienna. :wink: