Double flats - how to?

Hello, I am reluctantly back again on my wish to complete First Steps.

In the Walzer- Capricien No 2 in bar 15 in the bass part, there is a chromatic move , and I cannot find a way to make the third chord a C flat (OK), and an E double flat.

Can anyone advise me as to how I can make the E a double flat - I cannot find out how it is done. Respelling does not seem to be the answer for me, or am I missing something ?

Hi Bill, are you following the written Guide from start to finish now? Take a look at the end of this page:

Input the E double flat as a D natural, then respell it as per the later instructions.

I really can’t encourage you enough to follow the guide in order, as it was written. If when you do so, you find there are errors or omissions, please do let me know!

In case you don’t want to respell, but rather input a note as a bb, you will find the accidentals in the right hand panel… It works the same as the normal input panel on the left…


thank you both of you. Lillee, I am trying to follow the book as written, flicking backwards and forwards to different elements to help me finish. It is more than likely that I missed the link you have given me -sorry, but thanks.

The other info from Janus is also a help, for when I am trying to make my own efforts, this could be very useful

sorry again, Lillie !

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No worries, Bill, some of these helpful tips are probably fairly easy to miss when you’re focussed on the steps! But the guide really should have all the information you need, and it’s organised to be in the right order – if the guide does any jumping, that should be made clear.

My best advice would be to follow what the guide has written out up to the end of the “writing the music” section, and then fill in any gaps that you need to from there. Keep an eye on the information at the ends of steps, in the “after completing this task” sections, as they’ll let you know if there’s anything you need to do yourself in order to set yourself up nicely for a later task.